Young Bleed 'Rappers & Beef; Why Less Talented Win' Young Bleed ‘Rappers & Beef; Why Less Talented Win’

Young Bleed on Mainstream Rappers and Beef (Is it fake?) artists he prefers to work with, paying for features, (What’s the real deal?) why the less talented artist get ahead faster than the more talented artist, “Any promotion is good promotion” advice for Indie, tour 2016, new music and more.

Young Bleed Corleone, whose government name is Clifton Glen Jr., if you don’t know, now you know, is from that whole No Limit Era, Mr. Make um say Ummmmm, Master P’s Label. This label is definitely known for taking them to school, which explains why Bleed, despite his great talent, classic song “How Ya Do Dat’ track not only peaked at No. 1 on Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Charts, but also his first album “My Balls and My Word” was number 10 on Billboard 200.

But that is not all Young Bleed has had his hands in over the years. The Rap Icon has made big moves with other Majors in the industry. Just to name a few, he has worked with one of the best, Tech N9ne, who he had signed a deal with at one point, but later on departed ways. Bleed’s “Preserved” album which was made under Tech’s Strange Music Inc Label, could have been another hit for the artist, but the album didn’t get the best marketing it deserved. Well these type of things happen sometimes. But peep the two on the “How Ya Do Dat Again” remix. Can this remix take the place of the original or should they have left it alone?
I’m really digging the track Bleed did with “Play It How It Go” off Gate’s off “I DONT KNOW WHAT 2 CALL IT VOL .1” mixtape. Yea Buddy, we need more of this Young Bleed.

Bleed has worked with Lil Boosie, whom he recently let the world know in an interview “Young Bleed On Hip Hop Being Used and Abused” that they were related to each other. He also mentioned he was the one who actually put that whole “Concentration Camp” group together with Boosie, Max Minelli, J-Von and C-Loc. And all of these guys are still doing their thing today.



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