Young Bleed Speaks on Issues with Battle Rappers Music with the Battle Rapper Bill Collector
Young Bleed weighs in on Battle Rappers who make music with Battle Rapper Bill Collector comparing song structure vs battle rap bars. He gives his honest opinion on what he feels about it and why it effects battle rappers who make Hip Hop Music. The Legend says “I’m not in no 16 Bar and out rap you thing, I’m trying to make hits like Snoop nem say.” THIS IS WHY LEGENDS NEVER DIE..they know the game and what it takes to win…
Young Bleed was one of the Top Artists from No Limit Records, Master P’s Label. One of his hits that is still banging today “How Ya Do Dat” was released on the 1997 soundtrack to Master P’s film “I’m Bout.” This Classic Track earned him number one on Billboard R&B/Hip Hop album charts in mid-1998, and he was signed to Priority Records after this to release his album “My Balls & My Word,” another classic.
Young Bleed had also been signed to “Strange Music” but walked away from that deal. PEEP his reasoning in “Young Bleed On Hip Hop Being Used and Abused.” But there are no hard feelings, no drama, nothing personal between the Legend and Techn9ne. They are still great friends.
Next week, releasing “Rappers and Beef” by Young Bleed, plus new music, tour dates and what’s next for the Legend.


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