Those days are in the past when an artist had to be signed to make “Big Moves” or to be considered a Professional Artist.

The Indie World is changing the game for the best. These artists are showing you how it’s done, living their dreams, eating from theirs skills…ALL FROM THE INDIE WORLD. But of course it wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen over night. It took hard work and dedication.

You can catch The Germany Rapper Joe Young (Sony BMG) with his hands in just about anything. Catch Mr. Young on a FIRE track with some of ‘Your Favorite Rappers:’  The Game, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Kanye west, Max B, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Lil Flip, Inpectah Deck, Dame Grease, Tyga, DMX, Raekwon, Prodigy, Wu-Tang Clan and more.  Wu Tang Joe Young, Rich Cole, Wordsmith; 3 Rappers Making 'Big Moves

Joe Young has heavily worked with Wu-Tang Clan for years. “It’s always important to stay close to your roots and never forget your fans. Without the fans, these rappers wouldn’t be able to do the things they do. Wu Tang showed me how to take care of the fans.” Explained Young. BUT even greater, Joe Young has just became the Brand Ambassador for Wu-Tang Clan’s BANGING Wu Wear Europe Clothing Line.

Joe Young is the true definition of an Entrepreneur. And with this good news, this is how he “Set It Off” with Prodigy and “The Millionaire Producer” Dame Grease.  

The Baltimore Rapper Wordsmith is not your average Indie Artist. “Yeah I’m a Solo Artist, but I rock with a live band. That’s something I try to do different as a Hip Hop Artist is bring that live band aspect to my shows rather than, you know, just rocking with a DJ.” Wordsmith explained

Wu Tang Joe Young, Rich Cole, Wordsmith; 3 Rappers Making 'Big Moves

With so many great accomplishments to name, who needs a record deal. Yes it’s nice, but Wordsmith does some extraordinary things one would usually need a deal to do.  Just to mention a few: “Grudges and Pain” track played on ESPN ‘Snoop Dogg and Son’ Episode, “When in Doubt, Give it Your best” track on PS4 ‘Hustle Kings’ trailer, “Happy Hour” track featured in ‘HolidaysBurg’ Producer of ‘American Pie. BUT Wordsmith’s most recent INCREDIBLE deal he striked with Degy Entertainment, shows you why ‘Wordsmith Hustle Can Never be Denied.’

SPECIAL EDITION: Mobius Noble, a very unique and interesting artist. He isn’t your average up and cominmg artist who joined the “me too” club in these music streets. His music actually comes with a message. “I figured since I’m in a better place mentally that I could make something to help people.”

Wu-Tang Clan Joe Young, Rich Cole, Wordsmith; 3 Rappers Making 'Big Moves

With almost 3 million views on his “Rapper Kills Himself to Adele’s “Hello” Facebook Video in about a month, it’s no big surprise why Snoop and Wiz added him to the roster as an opening performance for Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifia July 22nd “High Road Tour” in Atlanta. Who says success can’t happen over night?

The West Coast Rap Artist Rich Cole is one of a kind..extremely unique with his talent and the way he moves. Rich Cole actually engages with his nearly 200k followers on twitter often vs other artists only posting tweets and never responding. Plus he has one of the best CLASSICAL Albums “The Rich Tape” coming from an Unsigned Artist.

Wu Tang Joe Young, Rich Cole, Wordsmith; 3 Rappers Making 'Big Moves Whether Rich Cole is engaging with his hardcore followers daily or making dope music or going on tours or running his music label, Abiatorz Music Group, he doesn’t stop there.  “Don’t be good my n*gga, be great. The legacy we leave is the one we make. Keep fighting thru the pain and we gone be straight. One chance in a lifetime, no replay.” …Rich Cole lyrics he lives by.

Rich Coles took his dedication to the fans a step farther. He has built his very own cellphone app, “I Am Rich Cole App” on itunes or “I Am Rich Cole” on Google Play. Now how many artists go “All Out” like that to stay intuned with their fans?



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