“Wayne aint Pac, he talk the ish, every song he makes be about a trick. Pac was more like an activist and he made the best, go plead the 5th.” Wordsmith 'Who We Are' Live in Action

The Baltimore Rapper, Wordsmith, moves like a Mainstream Artist with extreme accomplishments..not your average Indie Artist, makes real hip hop music. But Wordsmith is not your average rapper who relies on beats. He doesn’t rock alone.“Yeah I’m a Solo Artist, but I rock with a live band. That’s something I try to do different as a Hip Hop Artist is bring that live band aspect to my shows rather than, you know, just rocking with a DJ.”
Wordsmith performing at Headquarters Live
As an artist and songwriter, Wordsmith continues to set himself apart from the norm. His Conscious-Commercial type music is more of a Pop/rap style…music that everybody can feel. Wordsmith explained, “I consider myself as a message-driven, purpose-driven artist, where I do hip hop, but my brand of hip hop is more message-driven. And I try to really, you know, affect my community and those out there that live blue collar, (Ironically one of Wordsmith’s thought-provoking amazing album is called The Blue Collar Recital) average lives, and write music that’s more close to the heart and the home. I love party music just like the next man. You know, I can write party songs, can write love songs. I just try to do it in good taste. You know I’m a father as well. I have two kids, so I care about what my kids listen to. You all should care about what your kids listen to.”
Speaking of kids, Wordsmith is an active advocate for promoting Anti-Bullying within youths. He is also an active participant of promoting positive vibes and motivational speeches among K-12 students throughout the state of Maryland. And with the positive influence Wordsmith’s music brings, the world can surely use more artists like this to help reshape the mindsets of our lost youths. As a matter of fact, see him in action performing live for Magnolia Middle High School. LOOK AT THE JOY ON THESE CHILDREN’S FACES!!!

For all you football lovers, Wordsmith’s exclusive track “Grudges and Growing Pain” was played on Snoop Dogg’s ESPN “Snoop & Son: A Dad’s Dream | Season 1 Episode 3.” Can we say BARS! Ya gotta peep the series too. I strongly recommend it. Snoop is shown in a different light.
“Wayne aint Pac, he talk the ish, every song he makes be about a trick. Pac was more like an activist and he made the best, go plead the 5th.” Wordsmith ‘Some random remix’ REAL RAP
Wordsmith 'Who We Are' Live in Action
Just to highlight a few more accomplishments of Wordsmith, but there are more.
Wordsmith on Hustle Kings Gamescom, PS4 “When in Doubt Give it Your Best” is an exclusive track that was selected by Playstation to announce Hustle Kings is coming soon to PS4 YEAH WE ALL NEED THAT ENCOURAGEMENT..

On My Job” and Wordsmith stays on his job. This particular track, one of the GREATEST, was an ad TV Placement for Pittsburgh Steelers Player, Antonio Brown NFL Top 100 Players of 2015

But my favorite song of Wordsmith’s “We Do It Better” played on Redbull’s Street Skating at the Mystic Sk8 Cup “So many people try to imitate what we do.” Yo that’s my sh**. We all can relate to this!!!
Wordsmith’s Latest Album “Apt. 507


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