Hate no color or gender.

As African Americans who go through similar fights in life as gays, should they be able to deeply sympathize and relate to the horrific tragics gay men and lesbian women go through daily?

Just last month, a gunman walked into a gay Orlando night club and randomly killed 49 people and injured many others. This was 49 innocent lives. These innocent victims went to a club to have a good time with friends and family. Sadly, they didn’t know it would be their last time enjoying their lives.

According to Civil Rights, at least 44% of gay men and lesbians have been discriminated against for employment. Gay men, transgenders and lesbians have suffered 14% in hate crimes hate crimes.

The Orlando Victims were selected unworthy of living based on their sexual orientation. Just like many unarmed African Americans have been murdered by police based off the color of their skin. Gays are mistreated because they choose to love differently. They are discriminated against for jobs, shelter, disowned by their families, friends, many been beaten to death and many killed..all because they are different. Does this sound familiar to you?

African Americans look differently than the majority. African Americans go through racism, prejudice acts, discrimination, unequal treatment, and police brutality. BUT gays may have it a little worst. Although they may not get shot down like prey by police, but they are shot down and beaten by our every day citizens.

And almost two years after Mike Brown, Ferguson, Mo resident, was brutally murdered in cold blood, in the streets of Ferguson by police, many other African Americans, continue to lose their lives to similar incidents, involving Police Brutality: Kevin Matthews, Betty Jones, Roy Nelson, Michael Lee Marshall, Keith McLeod, Sandra Bland, Natasha Mekena, Terry Price, Tony Robinson, Nicholas Thomas,Freddy Gray, Alton Sterling…WAY TOO MANY TO NAME.

Are humans deemed less worthy of life because they are different? Aren’t we all still humans?Let’s take a stand and do what we can to STOP DA HATE.


HATE HAS NO COLOR OR GENDER; As African Americans who go through similar fights as gay men and lesbian women, I can deeply relate to the everyday struggle that hunt us because we are different. As a human with a heart, I deeply sympathize with the hate that is going on all over the world; police brutality, hate against the police, hate crimes, worldly attacks, etc. Stop Da Hate is more of a support system. My plan is to try to join all races, genders, countries together. My plan is to get people to support each other more. I also will be teaching classes on Business Entrepreneurship, and travel all over the world to work with others on stopping the hate, racism, violence, and lack of entrepreneurs. I will like to be able to provide “Stop Da Hate t-shirts , hats, and bags all over the world, including other countries. But I need your help. LET’S ALL WORK TOGETHER FOR A CAUSE THAT THIS WORLD DEEPLY NEED. WE NEED TO MAKE THIS COUNTRY CLOSER…


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