Almost two years after Mike Brown, Ferguson, Mo resident, was brutally murdered in cold blood in the streets of Ferguson by police, many other African Americans, continue to lose their lives to similar incidents, involving Police Brutality.

The Mike brown incident instantly received nationwide attention and woke up a lot of people all over the world. And now, the murders of more blacks, Kevin Matthews, Betty Jones, Roy Nelson, Michael Lee Marshall, Keith McLeod, Sandra Bland, Natasha Mekena, Terry Price, Tony Robinson, Nicholas Thomas, Freddy Gray, Alton Sterling…WAY TOO MANY TO NAME, HAS WOKEN THE WORLD UP EVEN MORE…

This is why “Hands Up” by Turk and Joe Young  , produced by Joey Did This, will never get old cause Mike Brown name will always live on to help many other innocent African Americans, maybe one day, finally get justice..


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