Trick Daddy Goes In On Black Women “You Hoes Is Useless”

Rapper Trick Daddy goes in on Black Women “Tighten up, you hoes is useless.” He made distasteful statements about Black Women, all while praising White and Spanish Women. “Black Women need to tighten up.” I guess so since his Baby Mamas are taking all of his money. Trick Daddy been spazzing out lately; wilding on gay women, threatening to stick his finger in DJ Khaled Former Artist Nino Brown anal (butt), spitting at people like a kid..AND now this? Is Trick going through a Mid Life Identity Crisis? A few weeks ago Beanie Sigel was dancing with 8 K’s. What’s going on with these Older Rappers? Why you mad Trick? Stop Da Hate BUT Black Women why get mad? If ya start comparing the Black Men to these White Men who are out here Building Empires, things get real.

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