Shawty Lo Funeral and Hearse Taken to Atlanta Strip Club

Shawty Lo’s last wishes were honored if he ever died and it was to take him to one of his favorite spots, The Strip Club, one last time.

The video was recorded at the funeral and then at the Blue Flame Strip Club. The hearse carrying Lo’s body posted up on the curb outside the club with a caravan of cars behind it last night. The person snapping the footage captioned the video

“Shawty Lo’s last time at the Blue Flame,”

Shawty Lo, Government Name, Carlos Walker, visited The Blue Flame Strip Club often. It was actually the last spot he was seen at right before Shawty Lo was killed in a terrible car accident on September 21st. Sadly Lo’s father died weeks before he died. This is his last song he recorded “Shawty Lo Last Recorded Song Letter To My Father” 


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