Meet Patricia Johnson of SEO & Biz Hub in Roswell

Today we’d like to introduce you to Patricia Johnson.

Patricia, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
About 4 years ago, I decided to build an Entertainment Website. I called around and received so many ridiculous prices, $5000, $3000, $1500 and so on. I was in disbelief and lost because I was not in a position to spend that type of money, So I just let it go for about 2 months, then one day, I decided I was going to teach myself.

Now I won’t say building my first website was easy and yes, I cried a few of those nights, but I got it done. After that, I built a few more websites for myself, plus started building sites/blogs for other people. It really felt good.

As time went on, I started doing a lot of Social Media Promotion for artists, Search Engine Optimization/Marketing for companies, blogging on business/politics/entrepreneurship, radio, selling my Stop Da Hate T-Shirts and interviewing. But the one thing that gave me the greatest feeling was doing Search Engine Optimization and Marketing. Being able to help others in areas that takes certain skills the average person doesn’t have, is amazing.

And 4 years later, here I am with the creation of SEO & Biz Hub, LLC.

Has it been a smooth road?
No it has not been a smooth road at all. Missing out on money, quitting my main job to have time to learn the skills to become an expert in my industry, put a big dent in my quality of life. But I still remain positive. I lost my best friend because I could not free up any time to spend with her. I lost many associates and family members because I just could not free up any time for them. I sacrificed my personal life and starved myself from any entertainment to devote all of my time to my business. I was learning, working and building and I just couldn’t allow any distractions to interfere. There have been so many lonely nights, but I just keep working.

I gave up material things on purpose cause I felt being uncomfortable and taking nice things away I was used to having, would make me work harder and it actually did. If you are too comfortable, it makes you settle and lazy.

Being a Woman-Owned Business and being African American is another struggle. You have to prove yourself 10 times more than others. You don’t get the credit  (more…)


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