All I have in this world, all I have in this world Scar Scar Scar Scar Face” YO “SCARFACE” THAT SONG USE TO BE SH*T.

Houston Legend Scarface, born Brad Jordan from Famous Group, Geto Boys has dropped a new album, “Deeply Rooted.” It has been quite a few years since he dropped an album, but the wait was well worth it.
The album has 15 unique tracks featuring some interesting artists like Avant Cee Lo Green, Nas,John Legend, Rick Ross and more...THAT TRACK FEATURING RICK ROSS LYRICAL ARTIST NAS AND Z-RO “Hustle until you touch a 9-5 or dr*g dealing. It don’t matter how I got it, I got it, f*ck feelings” “Do What I Do” …REAL RAP.
Between the tracks, THE HOT SEAT” “Just waking up I gotta thank God, fired up a square, that’s how my day starts, early in the morning buzzing got me looking at life, outside, I see moving pictures, look at the lights. ALL BAD” “Sunday morning, I’m off in church, sitting thru-out the week, hustling everyday, getting it as we speak, listening to preacher preach, choir singing the song, aunte clapping her hands, moma singing alone.” you can envision everything as it happens as Scarface tells the stories, as if you were right there taking the journey with him, which is what he is best at doing ‘deep story telling.’ Not too many artists tell stories anymore. Artists like Scarface is very rare and what the game needs to make hip hop more creative and exciting again.
this Scarface “God” track though featuring John Legend
I will not give away too much more of the album. One thing for sure, you will not be disappointed when you hear the album. LISTEN FOR YOURSELF “Deeply Rooted
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