The New York Native, but raised in the hardcore streets of Jersey City, the Rap Genius Randy Nichols a.k.a Ransom, deserves every bragging rights in the world. Ransom has like 26 full projects over the last 15 years and not one is considered average.  Ransom puts his blood sweat and tears into all of his projects. Every one of his mixtapes and albums, he puts his ALL into them.

Ransom is a Real East Coast Rapper who sticks to the roots of what hip hop was built on, pain, suffering, the streets, struggling, real-life stories. He is deadly with the bars and he continues to give his fans what they want and crave; realness, authenticity, the truth. When you listen to a Ransom track, you definitely will not walk away feeling unfulfilled. Ransom doesn’t jump on a track with just any ole rapper just to make a buck or because they are famous. He uses his thought-provoking bars for the best in the game. He has worked with some of the toughest Lyricists: Nicki Minaj, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Joe Budden, Vado, Stack bundles, Chinx Drugz, and others.

Ransom and Joe Budden’s Lyrical Monsters’
Jersey Rapper Ransom “Reasons Why He Is Underrated and Indisputable

“You gotta be in some sort of pain, just to listen to em.”  Yeah, that’s what they say.  But the truth is you have to be a real hip-hop head who loves real hip-hop music, just to listen to em. You have to be someone who appreciates creativity, real-life stories, art, music that make you think, just to listen to em.

Ransom’s 18-Track “Pain and Glory, The Album” is one of those albums one will be enjoying for years to come. This particular album out of all of them definitely should have landed him a spot as “Classic Album of The Year.”  Because a lot of this happens all the time, some great artists either have given up from the lack of acknowledgment they deserve or conformed to “Today’s Hip Hop Music.” (catchy lyrics and FIRE beats) But Ransom remains humble and continues giving his true fans that work.

On that “Man Alone” track, Ransom goes into this passionate story about all the celebrities he has done music with before they became famous, his ex-close friend Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, French Montana, Rick Ross…I felt his pain. “How does it feel to see all my peers that passed me, but could never outclass me.  Don’t get it misconstrued, there is no hate involved.  Everyone is balling now, but who’s the one who takes the charge.” 

Now how many of you underrated, exceptionally talented, hardworking artists who rarely gets get the shine and recognition you deserve can relate? How many of us Phenomenal Brilliants in the world can relate period on a personal level because it’s the story of our life?” How many of you cried to this song and don’t lie, LOL. 

ANOTHER CLASSIC TRACK off the album Ransom “Shampain” ft. Jadakiss, Raekwon and Mike Classic.

“>On the track “Lies” the song is about lying, cheating, deceit, drama; all the stress that comes along with being in a relationship. The beauty about this particular track is Ransom uses mostly visual artistry to paint a full picture of the situation in the video versus rapping throughout the song.  How many Indie Rappers go outside of the normal “just standing in one place rapping” box?  This is pure genius.  Being able to tell a story with visuals is an art. And being able to make those visuals come to life and paint a clear picture is a separate skill in itself. This isn’t easy.

But the track with Joe Budden “Make a Deal” has one of the biggest impacts and should have millions of views. Both of these artists’ verses were COLD to the fullest, the wordplay, the bars, the emotions in their voices. And what makes this song even GREATER is after all the bad history with these two artists, they mended their friendship, but all that drama in the past, and made a CLASSIC song together. How many rappers can put their pride aside and do what these brothers did? How many people periods have the heart to do this? These guys deserve a “Golden Achievement” Award for this.  Ransom ft. Joe Budden’s “Make a Deal”

It’s so many great and classic songs on this album; too many to name, but I won’t go into every one of them. You gotta listen for yourself.

But let’s get into this NEW sh** Ransom’s “History of Violence”  album another Classic or “Potential To Be Classic” Album, 

First I wanna say the Album Cover is pretty DOPE, dramatic, imaginative. He put some money, creativity, and thought into that cover

Ransom begins with the Ransom “Indiscretions” track. He goes into explaining his life trials and tribulations, mistakes he’s made, and the main reason why he isn’t signed…so heart-warming.


Ransom “Man Alone”

The massive wordplay in that Ransom “Hate Crimes” track though. “These hoes in my present are all guarded. They know I’m a Legend like Tom Hardy.  Trying to throw me in sands like John Gotti. Now I flow with the essence of Bob Marley. I’m just getting started so roll your sleeves up, believe us, don’t f*** with religion cause all in Jesus.”  Yo, the nice schemes, the slick flow, the crazy punchlines, delivery throughout this song.  I’m getting excited just talking about it.  Ransom has everything to be considered as one of the BEST doing this. We need a video and radio-friendly version of this track.

On that “Sublime Intervention” track, Ransom spit bars so witty and cold over a sample beat from Smokey Robinson’s “Will You Still Love Me.” Kanye West and Rick Ross, J. Cole, and The Underachievers also used that sample beat before. But those bars Ran spit, NASTY; I can just smh. Ransom kills whatever track he gets on.

Now for Ransom to go from a cold-blooded murderer on most of the tracks on this album to a caring, conscious having person in the “It’s Been Real” track, it takes REAL skills.  Being able to be versatile, rap on different levels, and rap different styles, takes EXCEPTIONAL skills.  Ransom is Not a One-Dimensional Rapper.

Ransom’s “History of Violence” is definitely worth giving it an ear. It’s undeniably worth every penny it costs..actually more. If you are the type who loves metaphors, punchlines, CRAZY wordplay, music that makes you think, stories, schemes, REAL SHIT, authentic bars, this album is for you. If you are the type who appreciates real music, this is definitely for you. I can go on and on talking about every track, the bars, but then I won’t leave anything for you to hear.  One last question though.


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