Rapper Kills Himself to Adele’s ‘Hello’
According to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, each year, 42, 773 people die by suicide and for every suicide, 25 attempt.

“My ex girlfriend Ashley killed herself when I was a teenager. My grandpa killed himself when I was 19. My friend Gary killed himself a few years after my grandpa. A year after that, Debra Antneys son Kayo killed himself the day after I spoke with him on the phone. All the people that I knew that killed themselves weighed heavy on my brain.”
Mobius Noble continues “The feeling that nothing is going to work out. Feeling hopeless and alone. I figured since I’m in a better place mentally that I could make something to help people. Something that would possibly save their lives before its too late.”

According to Wikipedia on Suicide in the United States, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death. And The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states more people die from suicide than car accidents.

If you know of someone who is in threat of suicide, PLEASE anonymously contact National Strategy for Suicide Prevention.
Adele’s original song, Adele “Hello”