Ransom “Shade” Diss Track

“I don’t deal with feelings cause I’m known to be offensive with it…..Ran stop wilding, no one’s gonna trust you. For lack of better words, you bi*** ni***, f*** you.” DUFFLEBAG RANSOM!!!

“Far from queer, every damn bar is rare, Godlike, stigmata, watch scars appear.” JESUS CHRIST!

Rapper Ransom’s NEW “Shade” Single off of The Upcoming Album “Greatest Rapper Alive” is CRAZY, as usual. The New York Native, but raised in the hardcore streets of Jersey City, the Rap Genius Randy Nichols a.k.a Ransom, deserves every bragging rights in the world.

This new album adds another project to the 26 full projects Ransom already created over the last 15 years and not one is considered average. If you you heard the last album “History of Violence” then you already know Ransom is indisputable.



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