Nicki Minaj Disses Kanye West & Black Men For Mistreatment of Black Women

“I’m so tired of black women feeling that when our men get rich, they’re going to leave them for a woman of a different race,” Nicki stated in a recent interview with Marie claire. “It wasn’t funny when Kanye West said it in his “Gold Digger” Song, ‘When he get on, he’ll leave your a** for a white girl’, and Kanye happens to be with a white girl now. It wasn’t funny when he said it; it was the f**king truth.”

I am so glad someone with a little more power like Nicki Minaj spoke out about this. If Black Women were good enough to be with you when you were broke, they should be good enough to reap the benefits with you as well when you get rich. This is why I really don’t believe it’s safe to go through the struggle with Black Men, whether Aspiring Rapper, Entertainer or College Graduate, who are trying to get rich or well off. These men track record of them staying with the woman who was there from the beginning, is bloom.

Also Nicki Minaj brought up the fact that “When Kim Kardashian’s naked picture came out, [Sharon Osbourne praised it, and my fans attacked her for being such a hypocrite. So it wasn’t trashy and raunchy when a white woman did it, but it was when a black woman did it? It’s quite pathetic and sad, but that is my reality, and I’ve gotten accustomed to just shutting it down.”

Nicki Minaj has always been the truth, smart, intelligent and a True Queen. I dearly respect Marie Claire for asking Nicki Minaj these questions that most Black Women deal with all the time dealing with the Black Man.

Nicki Minaj is working on a new album and a TV series inspired by her life in the works.


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