Jersey Rap Genius Ransom’s FIRE “Hate Crimes” track off  “History of Violence”  “Talk about your whips and I probably rush your garage. Talk about your chicks and I probably rush a Minaj. I aint talking slick, I’m just trying to crush your facade. Heard your brother like little girls, but it’s probably just a Miraj.” Anyway, now we know what Ransom meant in that song.

Jelani Maraj, age 37, older brother of Hip Hop Rapper Nicki Minaj, Young Money Artist, was indicted on April 4th by a Nassau County Court Grand Jury, on counts of child sexual assault charges.  In court on Tuesday, Jelani plead not-guilty to charges of first-degree rape. 

Back in December, a 12-year old girl accused Jelani on offenses from two different occasions before she finally built up the courage to come forward and file a police report. If convicted, Jelani is looking at 15-year bid in prison. 

Despite the situation, The Rap Star Nicki Minaj is backing her brother fully. According to reports, Nicki backed Jelani’s $100,000 bond with two homes she owns in Hempstead, Long Island.  

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