Kevin Gates Has Only One Phone Now For Kicking Female Fan In The Chest

Kevin Gates, Mr. “I Got Two Phones” will be trapping on only one phone for the next 6 long months from jail for kicking that ‘thot” as he call her, in the chest, for grabbing him, at a concert. “I told her to stop acting like a thot.”

The young woman Gates kicked in the chest, whose name is Miranda Dixon, Gates claimed Dixon tried to grab him twice during his August 2015 show at Club Rumors, and he told her to stop acting like a thot, but she continued to grab him. He said he thought she was trying to pull him off the stage. Do you all think this kick was jail worthy? Should he had just settled out of court?
The Prosecuters ask for less time, but Gates got more. Do you all think the judge was trying to make an example out of him? Or do you think this was all fair game?

Kevin Gates was caught red-handed on camera kicking this chick. Did his lawyer advise him correctly by assisting him to plead not guilty?
If you feel your life is in danger, is it your duty to protect yourself if you are scared?
Why wasn’t security up front protecting Gates?

Dixon was hospitalized but the kick was not life-threatening “It still hurts, so I don’t want to keep touching it,” she said. “…I can’t believe it happened still.” Miranda says she forgives Gates, but is no longer a fan.
Did the punishment actually fit the crime? Why not probation.

Kevin Gates will serve his time in a Polk County Jail. Sad Case…

 Kevin Gates kicking women, while Trick Daddy calling black women useless. What’s going on with these Rappers?


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