Kanye West From The Hospital To Trump Towers

Kanye West is seen walking into Trump Toweres to meet up with Donald Trump, but to talk about what? Do you think they both will be working on making America great again?

So ok, we called it a Trump Rant when Kanye talked about voting for Trump at one of his concerts, talked about running for president, dissed his long time friends Jay Z, Beyonce, and even dissed the radio stations and the Facebook Creator, Mark Zuckerberg…and after all of that, he ended up in a mental hospital..NO THIS? Let this soak in people.

Now people constantly states Donald Trump is a racist, BUT we constantly see him reaching out to blacks…well the rich blacks, I must say.

“Just friends, just friends, he’s a good man. I been knowing him for a long time.” Trumps responds to a reporter.”


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