Iggy Azalea; Is Social Media Bullying ” just the internet?”


Iggy Azalea, Hip Hop Rapper and Songwriter, complains constantly about getting Cyber Media Bullied, but people constantly say “it’s just the internet.”  Because the bullying is done on the internet, is it ok? Is the internet still looked at as a fake world, although many brands are on the internet now, people have started many careers on it, people every day lives are reported on it…people wake up every day to report to this thing we called “the internet,” so can it still be looked at as “just the internet?” Iggy Azalea at Festival Mawazine on Social Media Bullying.

In the video, Iggy Azalea talks about the rules not being set on Social Media Bullying. Well since we all know that the internet is a part of a lot of people’s lives now, do you agree that certain rules need to be set? Izzy has been bullied off social media at one point or another because of the bullying, constant put down about her career…trolls coming at her ridiculously. What if this was your child or even you? How would you feel?Iggy Azalea; Is Social Media Bullying "just the internet?"

“Iggy is in a lot of pain. She feels like her image is being torn to shreds and her entire life is spinning out of control.”

There are countless teens who killed themselves over Social Media Bullying, all while people are saying “it’s just the internet.”  Can you say this to the father of 14-year old Hannah who killed herself over Cyberbullying?

Or how about 12-year old  Rebecca who was bullied for almost two years before committing suicide? 

Countless stories on teen suicides because of Internet Trolls, but what broke my heart the most is the 15-year girl from Ireland who killed herself after being told by trolls  that she was fat and had no respect for herself. And the kid was really gorgeous…beautiful. PEOPLE THIS IS REAL LIFE. The internet can no longer be looked at as “just the internet.” THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK AND LET’S STOP DA HATE

PEEP THIS “My Story With Depression, Rape, and Sucicde…makes you cry…

If you know of anyone who is in danger of Social Media Bullying or if you feel threatened, before you get to the point where the bullying depresses you or you think of committing suicide, contact STOP CYBERBULLYING.   

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