Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: Who Won #Debate2016?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had a extremely great debate tonight, although Trump wasn’t prepared enough on some questions like “The Birther Issue” and Taxation Issues. But I want to touch on the two most important issues Americans are suffering at the most.

Both Cadidates were asked how they would fix the economy and Income Inequality. 

Now Hillary Clinton stated she would create more jobs, increase minimum wages, close the Corporate Loop, have better Family Paid Leave, and make the job pay fair for all. Here is my issue with this, these are the same ole laws and plans that have been in place for decades. Have these laws and plans  help the American Poor or Middle Class get out the Rat Race? Have these laws made poor and and middle class people rich?

Donald Trump states he would build our economy back up to how it use to be; when the United States had a better economy. His argument was that other countries like China and Mexico are stealing the U.S. jobs, the coutries are using America to build their own coutries, U.S. companies are sending the jobs to these countries and hurting our economy, and the Corporate Companies are not paying taxes on imported goods they had manufactured in other countries to the U.S. Well, this is all true.

Donald trump offered a solution to give tax cuts to Corporate Companies who keep their businesses in the U.S. or he will start taxing them for importing the goods. Americans do really need our jobs to come back to the U.S. Americans are suffering financially due to lack of jobs. Which do you feel is better for America, the same ole laws that keep sending the jobs overseas or laws that help prevent the jobs from leaving?

Both Cadidates were asked how they would handle crime in Black Neighborhoods.

Hillary Clinton stated the police was bias towards everyone and not just African Americans. Hummmmn, really? Hillary stated she would make a law for “Second Chance” criminals who commit crimes. Didn’t her husband sign the “Three Strikes” Bill? She stated she would stop funding for Private Prisons. Now I can agree with that because so many innocent black men have went to prison. Prisons are a big businesses that are funded by Corporate Companies. BUT what about all the crime that goes on in these black neighborhoods? Will a “Second Chance” law help with it? Will  stopping the funding to Private Prisons help lower crime in the hoods?

Now Donald Trump suggested there should be a “Stop and Frisk” Law like it use to be in New York, and this helped lower New York’s murder rate. Now, although he turned the question to go at fixing the crime in Chicago, I believe he may be talking about all neighbrhoods with heavy black crime. That may be invading our privacy. I really don’t know how I feel about that law 100%, yet. But could this be the solution to ending so much black on black crime?

Donald trump also talked about putting more police in the neighborhoods and structuring more Law and Order. Here is the deal, police are scared when they go to these black neighborhoods because most white police are scared of black men. Question, will hiring more police increase the murder of black men being killed by police, while lowering “black on black” crime and stop da hate?  Is that a give and take considering what’s been going on with Police Brutality against black men?

With this Law and Order thing, is Trump talking more like a Millitary Order? I would need Trump to expand on this a little more before I can really make a solid judgement call on whether this would be a great plan or not to help lower “black on black’ crime.



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