Future’s Settlement Agreement with Rocko will have him basically working for free, to pay off his debts, to him.

Well since Future will be handling over all proceeds he makes off his next two albums to Rocko, he definitely hit the jackpot. But that’s not the end of it. Future along with Epic Records, also agrees to give Rocko 50% of all his touring  earnings for the next two years.

Future has signed a 360 agreement with LA Reid in order for LA/Epic to recoup the advance that they will forfeit while Future pays Rocko back. To pay Epic back, Future will now give a percentage of any deals made outside of music to Epic until his back advancements are paid or for the next five years, whichever comes first. LA/Epic will also be collecting on the front end on all of Future’s music ventures.

And for the agreement with the Mrs. Ciara Wilson, Future‘s Baby Moma, he has agreed to release a general apology, plus remain from any talks about their custody arrangement or any negative statements about here va, interviews, public, blogs, social media, etc. Or he will have to pay her $5 Million Dollars. Well Future this time, don’t let your slick mouth write a check you have to cash to Ciara.


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