Future Defeats Ciara in Child Custody Case

It’s been a real roller coaster between the Rap Icon Future and his Ex-Fiance and the mother of his son, R&B Singer Ciara. The two have been fueling since the break up over Baby Zahir. But at the same time, the beef got worse after Ciara started dating NFL Player, Russel Wilson who has been playng daddy to Future’s child..

Nonetheless, Ciara recently filed a $15 MILLION for slander and defamation of character., according to legal documents obtained by Eonline.

Sources stated that Ciara and her lawyer tried to make Future look like a bad parent in court, but the judge turned the other cheek. And to make matters worse, the judge awarded both parents, Future and Ciara joint custody. Ciara wasn’t expecting that.

So guys this goes to show that if you want your child bad enough, you too can get what you want, if you take the time out to go to court.

TMZ catches up with Ciara leaving court






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