Bobby Shmurda Trial has been reset YET AGAIN.

Bobby Shmurda trial was reset back in Oct 2015, May, February.  This is like the sixth time. Now reset again in 2016. What is really going on? This has been a real roller coaster since Shmurda has been in jail. I’m not sure if he’s the rapper that’s getting an example made out of him or if it’s because of the  Plea Deal Smhurda turned down or if it’s the supposedly gang affiliation…nevertheless, this is not a good look. 

The prosecutors for the case are not the ones with the hold up though. It’s actually Smhurda’s attorney and the GS9 Member’s attorneys. Shmurda and the GS9 Members had been divided in groups and are being tried in groups..not all at one time. And some of the members have already been tried and convicted. READ Two GS9 Members from Bobby Shmurda camp convicted of murda, attempted murder and other crimes.

A few years ago, the Manhattan Supreme Court charged Hip Hop Rapper Bobby Shmurda with for over 100 charges of assault, murder and more. The Rapper and the other GS9 members Ex Lawyer Kenneth Montgomery gave his opinion about this Shmurda Case last year. But since then, Shmurda has been working with Alex Spiro.






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