Take a spin with famous Wild ‘N Out Cast Star & popular Battle Rapper “Charlie Clips” and Lyrical Master “Troy Tias” in their wordplay duo, “Birds Eye View.”

I got a Bird’s Eye view went up from the

second floor off the third I flew biggie

and pop versus every word I knew study

they hung rhymes off the words I grew up

you hear the words I spew lyrically I’m

nice i got a nerd’s IQ

God bless that’s my third high chew you

ain’t even know I’m on my third hot cool

I’m all action like a verb times two I’m

kicking it like like you ever heard


i had a short he had to curve my bull

and marry the rap game she said the

words i do oh let’s get rid of that old

flow and get down to this new flow

screaming dog sick no cool joe i sent a

big shot where your roof go but that was

in hindsight and yo hindsight now yo i

got this mr clips it take me less than a

minute more like a second to finish for

me to set it in it take me less than a

second for me to assemble this weapon it

even less than a second to reassemble it

i make a million a millisecond and send

it in i went down that just to get up

right in a minute spin i did it once and

i did it twice and i did it then like i

made only check the record i do again


but i am superman the kryptonite ain’t

gonna mess with this all right i’m

telling it would tops resembling two

pack i’m letting a few shots your chest




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