Battle Rap Star, Aye Verb vs Ali, St. Lunatics, Rap Beef

Battle Rap Star, Aye Verb vs Ali, St. Lunatics, Rap Beef

The kick off with the Rap Beef between Ali and Aye Verb  

Battle Rap Star, Aye Verb vs Ali, St. Lunatics, Rap Beef

Basically, Ali, one of the artists from Nelly and the St. Lunatics, feels some type of way about Battle Rap, which has ruffled some feathers, especially in the Battle Rap World. According to his comments, he feels Battle Rap is stupid, it oppresses the black community and deprives them.

But question Ali, has anyone ever been killed in Battle Rap over battle beef or just a battle? Proof was killed, yes, but then again, that’s a different situation. Has anyone ever been arrested over battle rap beef? Has anyone ever been shot over a battle or had fights…well, besides Battler, Math Hoffa, who has had his fair share of minor fights, Kay shine, Dizaster…nothing too major.

But what about in the Music World? How many artists have been killed, jailed, beat up, shot or killed involving rap beef or just beef period? Let’s see; Tupac, Biggie, Ransom, Joe Budden, The Game, Stitches, Chinx Drugs, Capo from Chief Keef camp, Jam Master J, Rapper YG, Rapper Dolla, Big L, etc..the list goes on and on. There was just a shooting at T.I.’s concert in New York, which involved a very popular New York Rapper, Troy Ave.  

As a matter of fact, XXL did a video on 14 Rappers Fighting on Stage. So again, can Battle Rap really be blamed for oppressing black people or was Ali just saying something without looking at the bigger picture? Maybe Ali meant for this statement to apply to hip hop as a whole.  Maybe Ali meant something else….I don’t know. What do you all think?

Battle Rap being stupid, hummn, well considering hip hop was built off Battle Rap, beef, rap battling to see who is the best, is it really stupid? And some of the best Spitters came from Battle Rap: Eminem, Cassidy, Meek Mill, Jae Millz, LL Cool, although LL mostly battled on wax, Battle Rap is Battle Rap. So again, is Battle Rap really stupid? 

Battle Rap Star, Aye Verb vs Ali, St. Lunatics, Rap Beef But Verb’s response though.

Battle Rap Star, Aye Verb vs Ali, St. Lunatics, Rap Beef

Aye Verb’s responds with the famous Birdman line “Put Some Respek on my name.” Now here is the deal, Aye Verb, Battler from Ultimate Battle Rap League, response seem a little too personal; as if this was a build up that has been in him for years, waiting to explode.

But Verb is not alone. He is one of many St. Louis Artists who feels like this. Many Local Artists feel like Nelly and The St. Lunatics did nothing at all to help them. Well, is it ok to be a little angry at other artists who didn’t help put you on? Now I do understand why Verb would feel this way. He is a “DOPE” and he is unique. But let’s be real, are there many other artists in the Lou with a unique sound who deserves to feel like Aye Verb? Are there many artists who put in enough work to even get the attention outside of the local St. Louis crowd?

And St. Louis is not the best place for artists who want to get on. There is lack of support in the city and many have that “crabs in a barrel” attitude; St. Louis isn’t called the city of Haters for nothing. St. Louis Artists don’t even support each other. 

The artists, dj’s and radio stations who have the means  to put local artists on, don’t use that power. So again, Verb’s response really seems like it was a mixture of a build up from lack of support from those who could help or the fact that Ali was judging Battlers based off the way they make their money.

But Rapper 50 Cent actually feel Battle Rappers are the best rappers, although he feels differently about their music. This was my take on 50’s tweet on Battle Rappers Music a few years ago.

Nevertheless, in a twist, some may look at St. Louis Local Artists as Haters towards Nelly and the St. Lunatics. To put it like this, in the Music World, no other rappers has done what Nelly and the St. Lunatics has done for the city..and til this day, no other rapper has made it big since The St. Lunatics. But in the Battle Rap World, no other Rapper has done what Aye Verb, Hitman Holla, Yung Ill or RemyD has done for the city. So in reality, Aye verb and Ali are both STARS in St. Louis..nothing less. What are your thoughts? Here are Hitman Holla thoughts.


Battle Rap Star, Aye Verb vs Ali, St. Lunatics, Rap Beef














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