Atlanta Producer Dun Deal, spent 10 days in jail for a robbery at a jewelry store in Augusta, Georgia and he had never been to that city.

David Cunningham, stage name, Dun Deal,(Produced a few tracks for Young Thug and migos.)  received a friend request from Ronnica Westmoreland, a beautiful young girl, he didn’t know. But being a producer and having fans, he felt it was ok.

Ronnica Westmoreland was arrested and accused of being the get away driver for in the jewelry store robbery. But here is the deal, she told the police that she rented the car for someone named David..and what do you know, the police went straight to Facebook searching her friend list for a David. So yes, the police are using your profiles to solve crimes.

But sad story, Dun Deal was the wrong David, but the police jumpred to conclusions because he was on a pic wearing a lot of jewelry standing next to Birdman….Men be careful on Facebook. But a $300, 000 Settlement Dun Deal received for the False Imprisonment, the police can lock me up right now, if that will be my reward. Here is what Dun Deal had to say.

“When you get arrested by the FBI and are released in 10 days, people think you’re a snitch. But I want people to know that I’ve never done anything to be affiliated with the FBI.”

He adds “So I’m in jail while this is happening, and I’m thinking, “How am I even part of this situation?” All I’ve been doing is making music. Before this I’ve never been arrested in my life. Now, they’ve got me in jail with convicted killers, rapists. Then when I found out they raided the studio, it felt like all the bad shit that could happen was going all at once. I really have anxiety when it comes to police. I’ve just been trying to stay under the radar and not be in the public eye, because you never know what’s going to happen. For this shit to happen out of nowhere, it just makes me think of all the other things that could’ve happened.”



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