ASAP MOB: WRITTEN BY: Jennifer Lee @Jennifahrabbit (Former Coast to Coast Mixtapes Promoter)
asap rockyAs an avid FANGIRL of A$AP Rocky and of A$AP Mob, I was super excited to wake up to a friend sending me the link to Rocky’s new video. He warned me that is was going to be a little different than what I was used to, since the beginning of the video features Rocky singing rather than rapping, but he was excited to know what I thought of the video. Not to sound like a Hipster, but I’ve been a fan of the Harlem- Based Rapper since pirating 2011’s Live. Love. A$AP Mixtape before it dropped. I know it’s a bit cliche’ but I was hooked after the first time I heard “Purple Swag”. “Purple Swag” is reminiscent of the Southern “Syrup or Po Up” culture…more than likely because of the “Still Tippin” sampling from the South’s Lean King Paul Wall and Mike Jones. Add to that a Trippy video featuring a pretty white girl in gold fronts mouthing the lyrics, and I was hooked. It was hard to believe he hailed from the Bronx, rather than the lean sippin, chopped and screwed south that his sound is reminiscent of. I could go on about that album, but I digress…
Ever since we lost A$AP Yams (Rocky’s best friend/manager/co-founder of the entire A$AP Mob Movement) on January 18th of this year, I’ve been morbidly curious as to how his grief would transcend into his art. Most of what I’ve seen from him in the past few months have been short interviews and pictures from Fashion Week. It’s obvious though, that Rocky’s been working if not on the down low. He released some album artwork last week as a teaser on his Instagram. When I saw it, I knew the fans would get to see how Rocky channeled his grief for his fallen friend. (For the uninitiated, the purple splotch on Rocky’s face is symbolic of A$AP Yams. Yams had a distinctive birthmark on his face called a Port-Wine Stain).
asap 2nd
On to the video though, since I’m getting FANGIRL sidetracked. Seriously though, if anyone wants to read more about A$AP Rocky or the mob I’d gladly oblige.
It starts off, as my friend said, with a spaced out instrumental and Rocky talk-singing the opening lines “I dream about her all day…” Visually you see Rocky smoking a blunt…the view is from above giving an outer body experience feel. This is the point where I know where this video is going and my instincts were proven right as the video went on. This video is highly influenced by one of my favorite Trippy, drug addled movies “Enter The Void”. From the spacey disconnect of the main characters (Rocky and a gorgeous Japanese model) to the neon hallucinogenic setting, the tones are all there. Like the movie (which is not about LSD but a drug more like DMT), they wander around the aesthetically gorgeous neon playground that is Japan, tripping balls. The effects mimic those in the movie, in that watching it can make even the most sober person feel high. There’s a lot of strobing neon lights, and intense kaleidoscopic colors. I actually tried to watch the movie with my brother one time when he was faded and he couldn’t take the intensity of the visuals. It’s not for everybody, but if you’re trip minded, I highly recommend it. (It’s on Netflix!)

netflix pic
[Interesting fact: Kanye West is also a fan of “Enter The Void” and used it as inspiration for his video for “All of the Lights”] While it’s obvious that I love this video, the portion of the song where he actually raps left much to be desired (for me at least, I feel like his content is getting repetitive). However, the instrumental, hauntingly beautiful, compliments the melancholic psychedelic tone and his singing voice is surprisingly dope. Check it out and see for yourself!



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